Ultrasonic Weather Monitoring Station

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Ultrasonic Weather Monitoring Station
Wind Speed Range 0.5 to 99.5 knots (1 to 185 kph)
Wind Speed Resolution 0.1 knot (0.19 kph)
Wind Speed Accuracy 5% or 1 knot (1.9 kph) Tilt 0 (operates to 30 tilt)
Wind Direction Accuracy 5Tilt 0 (operates to 30 tilt)
Temperature Range -25 to 55 C
Temperature Resolution 0.1F (0.06C)
Temperature Accuracy 1.8F (1C)
Relative Humidity Range 0-99% RH
Relative Humidity Resolution 1% RH
Relative Humidity Accuracy 4% RH 5% RH 0% to 80% RH

Vasthi’s outdoor weather station measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. The wind measurement is performed using ultrasonic sensors, which means there are no moving parts to wear out or get caught in the rigging.

The WSO100 accurately measures wind speed and direction even when tilted, making it ideally suited for heeled sailboats or powerboats operating in pitching and rolling seaways.

When used with Vasthi displays DSM 150, DSM 250 N2KView, you can view apparent wind speed and direction, humidity, air temperature, barometric pressure (with graphs to see trends), wind chill factor, heat index, and dew point. If you add speed through water (DST110), GPS (GPS200), and compass (SSC300), you can view actual vessel-referenced wind speed and direction as well as ground-referenced speed and direction.


•    Apparent Wind Speed
•    Apparent Wind Direction
•    Atmospheric Pressure
•    Air Temperature
•    Relative Humidity

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