Fiber Optic Chlorophyll Analyzer

Veritcal View
Model VEFOC1008A
Principle Fluorescence method
Range 0~400 ug/L or 0 ~100 RFU
Resolution 0.1?g/L or 0.1% RFU
Linearity R2>0.99
temperature range 0~ 50C
Protection level Ip68
Depth 60m Max
Sensor interface Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol
assembly Input type
Power information DC 5~12V, I<50mA
Probe cable length 10 meters (default), can be customized
Dimension ?22*120 mm
Housing material SS316 (customizable titanium alloy)
Optical window optical fiber
Self-cleaning system Yes

The Fiber-Optic Chlorophyll Analyzer adopts the principle of the fluorescence method. According to the spectral absorption characteristics of chlorophyll a, the water body is irradiated by a high-energy LED light source, and the chlorophyll a in the water body is excited to generate fluorescence of a specific wavelength, and the concentration of chlorophyll a in the water is measured. The sensor's fiber-optic structure provides excellent repeatability and stability and is less susceptible to ambient light. with automatic cleaning, and a brush to eliminate air bubbles, reduce the impact of contamination on the measurement, make the maintenance cycle longer, and maintain excellent stability for long-term online use.


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