In-Situ Flue /  Stack Gas Analyzer

In-Situ Flue / Stack Gas Analyzer 

The OMGA-2000 Flue Gas Analyzer is a highly integrated single-flange gas monitoring equipment, of which the core detection module adopts nondispersive infrared (NDIR) and differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) gas absorption technology with independent intellectual property rights. The specially designed measuring cell effectively improves optical path length for gas absorption, which can measure trace gas accurately inside the pipeline!The ILTA-1000 can be widely applied in online gas monitoring situations including denitrification devices, boiler flues, exhaust detection, etc. One piece of equipment can realize online monitoring for multiple gas components, such as CO, CS, NO, NO„, etc.

NDIR Principle

The main components of an NDIR sensor are an infrared (IR) source (lamp), a sample chamber or light tube, a light filter, and an infrared detector. The IR light is directed through the sample chamber towards the detector. In parallel, there is another chamber with an enclosed reference gas, typically nitrogen. The gas in the sample chamber causes absorption of specific wavelengths according to the Beer-Lambert law, and the attenuation of these wavelengths is measured by the detector to determine the gas concentration. The detector has an optical filter in front of it that eliminates all light except the wavelength that the selected gas molecules can absorb.




  • Filter elements can be easily disassembled and replaced.
  • Adopt a single flange design with high integration and easy installation.
  • With a high-temperature flowmeter, users can observe flow during equipment operation.
  • Sampling measurement is free from the interference of pipeline deformation, high dust, and other working condition change, with strong adaptability.
  • The whole gas path is equipped with high-temperature heat tracing and regular auto-purge to prevent dust and crystal-like salt from blocking the equipment, less maintenance.


Principle NDIR
Component CO: 0 3000ppm, CO,: 0-25% SO2:0-3000ppm NO2:0-1500ppm
Accuracy 2 % Measured value Repeatability a + 2%F.S.
Zero drift 2 % Per/Month
Span drift 2 % per /month
Response Time Detector Response time )10 Sec
Calibration Response time 200 Sec.
Operating Temp 450 Deg. C
Calibration Manual & Automatic calibration facility for bot Zero & SPAN
Probe MOC SS316L 1.8 Meter
Display Digital with Micro controller
Analyser Body IP 65 dust proof


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