Portable Single Gas Detector / Monitor

Single Gas Detector

A single-gas detector is a device that detects the presence of any gas within an area, usually as part of a safety system. This type of Single-Gas Detector Equipment is used to detect a gas leak and interface with a control system so a process can be automatically shut down. A gas detector can also alert operators in the vicinity of the leak, allowing them to leave the area. 

We supply an immense choice of gas finders and screens for various applications like oxygen, combustible gases, and carbon monoxide. The gas detector adopts an embedded MCU controller detector adopts and is easy to operate,

These units can be provided with sensors to recognize the most well-known gases as well as a scope of more extraordinary gases for changing applications. VS-70 xx portable gas detector locators are additionally accessible with a PID sensor to identify the presence of volatile natural compounds and with infrared IR sensors for the estimation of CO2 and other combustible gases.


Single gas detector individually we can provide gas detectors for the following gases:


Combustible Gases 




Carbon Monoxide

 Hydrogen Sulphide


 Sulfur Dioxide


 Hydrogen Chloride

 Hydrogen Cyanide

 Nitric Oxide

 Nitrogen Dioxide




Ozone And Many More


Model No VS-70
Sensor Technology Electrochemical, Catalytic & NDIR, PID
Monitoring Parameters Combustible gas(CH4,C3,H8,H2) and toxic gas oxygen other rare toxic gases like NH3, NO,PH3, NH3, NO2, HCN,So2,
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy +/- 0.2% of Full Scale
Response Time T<30s
Display Digital Graphical Display
Operating Power 230 VAC, 50HZ
Battery Life up to 15 hour continuous operation
Digital Output USB
SPAN Calibration Yes
ZERO Calibration Yes
Sampling type diffusion & auto suction available
Sensor life 3-4 years
Alarm facility User presettable
Alarm Indication 2 Level available Low & High
weight less than 200 grams
1.What is sampling method

A. We offer both diffusion & auto suction types.

2.Can user replace the sensor by them self

A. Yes, the user can replace at any time.

3. Does user can do the calibration them self

A. Yes, with standard calibration gas users can do the calibration with the remote help of Vasthi experts


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