Extractive Flue / Stack Gas Analyzer

Extractive Flue / Stack Gas Analyzer

The gas analyzer OMGA-2000 UV online monitoring gas analyzer is a one-site installation gas analyzer that has been developed after years of research and design on online gas analysis instruments. It can monitor gas parameters including the concentration of SO2, NOx, O2, dust, humidity, temperature, flow, etc. It is widely applied to tall gas emission monitoring and process analysis in many fields, including coal-fired power plants, waste-to-energy plants, cement factories, glass factories, lime factories, sinter coke ovens, the DeSox process, and the DeSox process flow principles.

Under the work of a high-temperature sampling pump, the gas passes through the sampling probe (filter cartridge included), ball valve, heating tracer, secondary filtration, and then enters into the UV analysis module, where it is finally drained. Adopting 150°C high-temperature heat tracing for the whole process can effectively prevent SO2, HCL, and other detected gases from being dissolved and lost in condensed water. By controlling the back-blowing valve impulse, the system can regularly back below the filter cartridge of the sampling probe and close the ball valve, preventing high-level dust from blocking the filter cartridge.

The Online Flue Gas Analyzer supports auto or manual calibration (zeroing and spanning calibration); the measuring flow path needs to be closed when calibration is working. A pressure transmitter can be used to compensate for the measuring valve and also to check if the probe is blocked. Secondary filtration is adopted to protect the UV analysis module to ensure it will not be polluted by flue gas and dust when the probe is leaked or the temperature control is invalid.

Gas analyzers are analytical devices that measure the concentration or quality of a selected gaseous compound within a mixture of multiple gases. They're used across a wide range of industries—such as agriculture, manufacturing, and waste management—to help facility owners and managers monitor gas levels in their operations to make sure the numbers are within a suitable range for the security of employees and therefore the quality of products or processes.



1. OMGA- 2000 adopts NDUV and PLS which is the hard-hitting online analysis technology for measuring SO2, NOX, and other gases with a low detection limit of 0.1 ppm; 

2. Uses pulsed xenon lamp as light source with 109- time service life; high stability; no pre-heating time; 

3. Is with no light-cutting, interferometer, or other optical moving parts; high reliability; on-site vibration will have no damage to the analyzer and no impact on measured value; 

4. Directly detects NO and NO2 to obtain NOX without NO2 NO converter; 

5. User modularization design of light source, spectrometer, HMI module, gas chamber, interface module and etc., with high reliability and extensibility; easy to maintain

 6. Splits light by holographic granting; detects by diode array; finally gets complete successive absorption spectrum; is with high resolution; guarantees low detection limit, low-temperature drift, and fast response time. 

Working Principle / Technology Hot / Cold Extractive
Monitoring Gases As Per User requirement
Display 4.3 & 7
So2 Gas Measuring Technology ND UV, NDIR & FTIR
NO Gas Measuring Technology ND UV, NDIR & FTIR
CO Gas Measuring Technology ND UV, NDIR & FTIR
CO2 Gas Measuring Technology NDIR, TDLAS & FTIR
O2 Gas Measuring Technology Zirconia
NH3 Gas Measuring Technology ND UV, TDLAS & FTIR
HCL Gas Measuring Technology TDLAS , IR DOAS
HF Gas Measuring Technology TDLAS
CL2 Gas Measuring Technology DOAS IR
Accuracy 2 %
Linearity 2 %
Span Drift 2 %
Zero Drift 2 %
Analogue Output 4-20mA / 0-2 V
Digital Output RS 232/ RS 485/ USB
Remote Calibration Yes
User selectable Units PPM, mg/Nm3 & %
Normalization Yes with Temperature, Pressure & Flow
SPAN Calibration Yes
ZERO calibration Yes
Sampling System Yes Heat exchanger, dust filters, flow indicators
Back Purge Heat probe has back purge facility


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