Online Dew Point Meter

   Online Dew Point Meter

The VDOM Series Online Dew Point Meter Is a microcontroller-based- based precision instrument to help ensure the optimum operation of drying equipment.

   An Online Dew Point Meter by vasthi instrument is ideal for precise monitoring of dew point temperatures (ºc Td)  in air \ gas output from dryer Systems and processes. embedded with micro-controller- based -circuits to give a direct read-out in dew point ( ºc Td) or other units corresponding to sensor output based on psychometric equations. To achieve high accuracy, it uses temperature compensation over the complete operational range        




  • Microprocessor-based  instrument
  • Digital Graphical Display Measuring  range 80º to + 30º c dew 
  • point & other ranges also available on client requirement.
  • simples compressed air up to 12 kg/cm
  • pressure and up to 95ºc temperature can be measured directly.
  • Quick disconnect fitting desiccant test
  • .Handy and lightweight.
  • inbuilt thin film water vapor sensor.
  • optional RS-485 Computer interface & data logger
Sensor Principle Capacitive Thin Film Polymer
Dew Point Range -80 TO +30°C
Relative Humidity 0.01 to 99.99 ZRH
Temp. 0.01 to 99.99°C
Moisture 0 to 23000 PPM
Accuracy ±1% for measured value
Linearity ±1%
Display 128 X 64 Pixels Graphical LCD
Resolution 1ppm for ranges -100, 10ppm for ranges >1 a
Operating Temperature 0 to 90°C
Digital Output RS 232
Analog Output 4-20 mA
Relay Output Two level Alarms with output
Response Time 10 Seconds for 63% step change
Maximum Sample Temp 90°C (For higher Temperature use, Optional cooling coil is available
Maximum Pressure 12 kg/cm2
Power 110 V or 220 V Ac, 50/60 Hz
Inlet Sample Port 1/4
Sensor Life More than 5 year
Alarms User Adjustable or Selectable
Auto Calibration Facility Software based Auto Span or Auto Zero

a. Laser Back scattered


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