Online controller

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Online controller
Item Parameters
Controller size 144*144*115mm
Weight 0.8kg
Operating temperature 0~ 55 C, avoid direct sunlight
Precision 4 AAA alkaline batteries
Storage temperature -40 ~ 85 C
Temperature range 0~ 50C
Display 192*64 LCD
Sensor type Supports digital analyser such as optical dissolved oxygen, Four electrode conductivity, Fiber turbidity, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, oil in water sensor and sludge concentration sensor, pH and ORP etc.
Air pressure compensation Built-in instrument, automatic compensation 50~115KPa
Protection level ABS housing, IP65
Environment humidity ? 80%
Power supply 110~220VAC or 24VDC
Transmitting output 1 channel isolated 4~20mA output, 1 channel digital output, 2 channel relay output
Temperature /pressure compensation Automatic compensation
Installation method Wall or panel mounting (opening size 138*138*)

Online General-purpose Controller is independently developed by Vasthi Instruments. It is an industrial-grade standard design that is stable and reliable, easy to operate, and can support all digital analyzers. One channel of 4 20 mA output, photoelectric isolation, strong anti-interference ability, one channel of RS485 output, convenient for users to network, one channel of relay output with isolation, users can set the upper and lower limits to control the on and off state of the equipment.




  • Automatic identification, plug  and play, support our all d igital analyser
  •  One way 4-20mA output, one way RS485 digital output
  •  With relay control, the user can set the upper and lower limits
  •  Industrial grade standard, output isolation, strong anti-interference ability

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