Ambient Ozone Gas Analyzer (CAAQMS)

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Ambient Ozone Gas Analyzer (CAAQMS)
Measuring items Ozone(O3) in ambient air
Measuring method UV Photometry (UV absorption method)
Ranges 0-0.1 / 0-0.5 / 0-1 ppm (selectable)
Lower Detectable Limit Less than 0.5ppb
Repeatability within 1% of span gas concentration
Zero drift Less than 1ppb
Span drift within 1%/full scale (1 day)
Response time(95%) Less than 50 seconds (T95)
Linearity within 1%/full scale
Precision 0.5% of reading or 1ppb
Ambient temperature 5 - 40?C
Sample flow rate Stabilized flow control by 800cc/min Critical Orifice
Certified US EPA

Ambient Ozone Gas Analyzer

Vair-9004 O3Analyzer is the analyzer that measures minimum amount of O3in air correctly using the UV absorption method. The analyzer is equipped with high performance and high-efficiency O3 Scrubber and used the specimen tube of special coating and materials to remove the obstacle components and prevent the adhesion of the specimen for the measurement of the minimum amount of ozone.

All gas analyzers of the Vasthi series were equipped with screen interface design using TFT-LCD & Touch screen so that user cathe n operate the analyzer and maximize the visual image, and MCU applied to the analyzer is ARM11 32bit processor and operates based on Linux Kernel 2.6 which maximizes the system stability due to multiprocessing.

In addition, the analyzer is equipped with an automatic zero correction system (Auto Zero) for smooth measurement and various interfaces (Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, DIO, Analog out) so that users can use it more conveniently and usefully.


  • Ranges 0-0.1 / 0.5 / 1 ppm, user selectable.
  • 7inch TFT LCD & touch screen interface.
  • Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 & USB ports.
  • USB interface utilizes for System Program Update. Temperature & pressure compensation
  • Stored data can be retrieved RS-232, USB Interface and TCP/IP network
  • In built Data Logger Utilizes NAND-Flash to Store up to 5min/1year

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