Ambient NOx Gas Analyzer (CAAQMS)

Veritcal View
concentration units ppb, ppm, ug/m3,mg/m3
quantum noise o.5% ppb or 0.2ppb or more
detection llimit 0.4ppb
zero drift(24h) core 0.5ppb
Zero drift(7 days) <1 ppb
Linearity <1%F.S
Span drift(7 days) <1%F.S
Operating Temp (5-40)Deg C
Instrument Size 178mm*432mm*600mm
Sample gas flow (400±50)sccm

Ambient NOx Gas Analyzer

Environmental NOx gas analyzers using the chemiluminescence detection principle, combined with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, provide accurate and reliable detection of low NOx levels in the ppb-ppm range for air monitoring and pollutant detection. suitable for dilution monitoring applications.

Working principle:

The Nitric Oxide Analyzer works on the basic principle of chemiluminescence.

After absorbing chemical energy, the reaction of O3 with NO is excited back to the ground state, where it releases energy in the form of photons (light). 

Chemiluminescence intensity is proportional to gas concentration and is a quantitative measure of the material. 


  • Measuring range: 0-50ppb to 0-20ppm. user-selectable
  • Independent measurement; NO,NO2,NOX
  • Microprocessor realization of multi-function operation
  • software allows monitoring during the operation to test data.
  • Continuous belt alarm post
  • RS-232 port for remote control
  • Digital output the instrument parameters
  • Adaptive signal filtering techniques optimize response time.
  • Colour Display, touch screen operation.
  • Large capacity memory automatically stores historical data.

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