PM  Sampler  PM2.5& PM10

                         PM  Sampler  PM2.5& PM10 

The concentration and size distribution of airborne particles in the atmosphere are measured using a device called a particulate matter sampler. These particles, which are also known as particulate matter (PM), can differ greatly in size, composition, and place of origin. They can also have a major effect on the environment and human health.

Particulate matter samplers come in a variety  of forms and are intended for a range of uses. Typical varieties include some of the following:

High-Volume Samplers: These samplers collect enormous quantities of air at rates typically several cubic meters per minute by using a high airflow rate. They may gather particles onto filters for further analysis and are frequently utilized for ambient air monitoring.

Low-Volume Samplers: These samplers are frequently employed for monitoring interior air quality because they run at lower airflow rates

Personal Samplers: People can test their individual exposure to airborne particles by wearing or carrying these tiny, portable instruments. They are frequently employed in factories or construction sites, for example, where employees may be exposed to high concentrations of particulate matter.

Continuous Monitors: Often employed to track the quality of the air in cities or industrial settings, these samplers offer real-time data of particulate matter concentrations. They may continuously quantify particle concentrations using methods like light scattering or beta attenuation.

Cascade Impactors: These samplers use a succession of plates or stages with diminishing aerodynamic cutoff diameters to capture particles of various sizes. They are frequently employed in studies and environmental monitoring to determine the magnitude   


  • Built in high precision MFC (No effect on temp and pressure)
  • Satisfied with flow rate when collecting PM10, PM2.5
  • MFC Flow Range: 0.0~20.0
  • Built in Touch screen (7 or 4.3inch)
  • Automatic open & close of filter holder
  • Controlling flow rate and integrating it
  • Controlling the sampling (Volume timer) by setting Volume and timer
  • Built in schedule function
  • Storing the Data logger table up to max 20 and search function
  • Supporting USB 2.0 (Save function in logger Data USB-Memory)
  • External radiation shield temp, hygrometer
  • Compatible with Sonic anemometer (option)
  • Available for storing measured sonic anemometer’s data at the same time
Flow Range 1~20 LPM
Pump Type Linear Type, 0~32LPM
Operating Temp Range -30~50°C
Supporting USB memory Available (MAX 16G)
Wind direction/speed Available (option)
Controlling the flow rate Available, Pump Driver control
Typical Flow Unit Litter per Min (L/m)
Standard Flow Qs 25°C 1Atm
Input Voltage / Frequency 88~264VAC / 47~63Hz
Watt 50Watt
Dimensions 339(W) × 319(H) × 277.3(D)
Measurement method Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Range 0~20.00 LPM
Resolution 0.01 LPM
Accuracy 0.15% of full scale or 3% of Reading whichever is bigger
Repeatability : 0.25% of reading or 5sccm which erver is bigger
Standard Calibration Gas Air


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