COD Water Analyzer

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COD Water Analyzer
Measurement method Rapid Digestion Spectrophotometer
Range 10-1000/3000/5000mg/L
Span drift ±2mg/L
Zero drift ±3.0% FS
Repeatability 2%
Maintenance <2 hour/month
Working temperature 5-45°C
Communication interface RS485/RS232/USB interface (optional) 1x4 20mA

Vasthi Makes a VEMS-4000 Water analyzer supplying many industries to discharge wastewater and sewage directly into rivers without Retreatment for STP & ETP. Water pollution has become an enormous problem. Online water analyzers are required to realize real-time continuous monitoring and timely know the water quality status of each sewage outlet. In this water analyzer, we can measure the parameters of COD, BOD, TSS, TOC, Nitrate, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen and etc. by using the principle of UV visible differential Absorption Spectroscopy.

VEMS-4000 is a new self-developed COD automatic online analyzer for measuring chemical oxygen demand (COD). Based on our Permeance measurement technology platform, combined with constant temperature fiber and digestion colorimetric integration technology, it can achieve high precision, low detection limit, high stability, and low maintenance of COD automatic online monitoring. The product fully meets the application of pollution sources, industrial production processes, municipal wastewater, etc.

High reliability, strong anti-interference capability :
•    Permeance measurement technology will not be interfered with by chromaticity, suspended solids, and bubbles.
•    High detection precision, Lower detection Limit (10mg/L), small drift for long-term operation.
•    Strong ability to resist chloride ion interference.
Small maintenance workload and low maintenance cost :
•    Self-diagnostic function.
•    Single-channel valve island of high integration, able to maintain, disassemble and clean individually.
• Able to extend to all-day networking for real-time inspection of instrument running state.
High intelligence level :
•    Equipped with alarm function, quality control function, and reverse control function.     
Application :
It can be widely applied in environmental pollution source monitoring, industrial process water monitoring, municipal sewage processing, surface water
monitoring, etc.


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