Piezometer Ground Water Level Recorder

Veritcal View
Piezometer Ground Water Level Recorder
Model No GWLVE-300
Measuring Medium Liquid
Liquid Level Range 0-10(can be Customized)
Output Signal RS-485
Power Supply 12-32V
Over Load Capacity 150%FS
Degree of Protection IP68
Wor Temperature -10 to 80°c
Storage Temperature -4 to 80°c
Cable Polyurethane

Piezometers are used to measure

You can measure groundwater levels with a piezometer. There are many reasons to monitor groundwater levels, whether you’re looking to make sure your bore well isn’t running dry or you’re checking the water level in an irrigation ditch on your farm. One of the most accurate ways to measure water levels below the surface is with a piezometer—basically, a tube of metal connected to a sensor that monitors changes in pressure. In this article, we’ll explain how piezometers work and tell you where you can find the one that will work best for your needs.

What is a piezometer?

A piezometer is an instrument used to measure or monitor groundwater levels. They can also be known as pressure wells, water level recorders, or self-recording water gauges. In essence, they are simple devices that measure pressure at specific depths below grade. Pressure is calculated by knowing two factors: how deep it is at the surface and the atmospheric pressure.

How does the piezometer works?

A piezometer is a tube that is inserted into an aquifer. The top of that tube has an element that changes in response to groundwater pressure. When there’s less pressure, such as when water levels are higher, there’s more space inside the tube. When groundwater levels drop and there’s more pressure on top of that element, it gets pushed down further into (or above) the tube.

Applications of the piezometers:

Piezometers are used to measure and monitor groundwater levels in bore wells and other underground formations. They can also be used in place of good points to set up or monitor wells where good points might not be practical. As their name implies, they are very sensitive instruments that can be adjusted for different pressures, depths, and measuring devices. Some piezometers include only one pressure-measuring device, while others have multiple pressure-measuring devices so several pressures can be monitored at once.

Piezometer Working Principle:

The GWL VE300 Series Piezometer Liquid Level Transmitter is put into the liquid. The water pressure determines the position of the transmitter and acts on the diffused silicon sensor through the pilot hole. The liquid level signal can be obtained by measuring the pressure. After the sensor samples the liquid level signal, it is transported first.


  • Anti-reverse connection, electrostatic protection, wide voltage power supply: DC730V
  • Communication method: RS-485
  • Communication protocol: standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
  • Communication distance: up to 2000 meters
  • Stable and reliable:industrial-grade single-chip microcomputer   
  • Anti-interference performance:anti-vibration impact,anti-radio frequency interference   
  • The structure is compact, the probe is put into measurement mode, and the installation is simple and convenient.   
  • Cloud base server to monitor the data.

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