Dew Point Meter for Compressed Air

Dew Point Meter for Compressed Air

A Dew point meter is a device used to measure the dew temperature (°Ctd) of compressed gas. Dew point measuring instruments are highly efficient to determine moisture (PPM) in a compressed gas chamber.

Why is measuring dew temperature essential?

To understand why determining dew temperature is important, one needs to know what exactly is a dew temperature and what it does to equipment.

Dew point temperature is simply the temperature at which water vapor in the air mass condenses into a liquid state, hence creating dew drops in the compressed chambers. Temperatures in compressed air chambers can often rise to 148°C (300°F). If proper cooling procedures are not implemented, excessive temperatures can damage equipment, compromise the product, and even become hazardous for employees.

Thus, a Dew point meter is the most important tool to determine the temperatures in the compressed gas chamber. Depending on the design and size of a gas chamber, different types of dew point measurement tools are used.

There are three main types of Dew point measuring instruments that are widely used in industries. They are online dew point meters, portable dew point meters, and dew point transmitters.

Since dew point temperatures (°Ctd) depend on different factors like atmospheric pressure, and pressure inside the chamber, finding an accurate dew point meter is of utmost importance.

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